CBS Sports

(for in-season trades)

In-Season Trading

Every week, players receive a point-based valuation by CBS Sports. Accepted trades will be processed by the comissioner if the average player value of both sides of the trade is within 10 points. As part of the value comparison, every player will have 50% of their current keeper value (draft round) added to their CBS trade value.

Once a trade is accepted, there will be a 48-hour window in which the 10 teams who are NOT involved in the trade may privately negotiate with either of the teams in the trade for any of the players included in the trade. If one of the 2 teams involved in the trade agrees to accept an outside offer, which must also be within 10 points, the original trade will be voided, and the new trade will be processed.

If a counter-offer trade is agreed upon between Thursday night kickoff and Monday night football, the new trade will be processed after the end of the week's games. In other words, players may contribute to their new teams during the fantasy week if the timing of the first trade allows.

Off-Season Trading

As soon as the current season ends, teams can trade any number of players from their team and draft picks from the next occuring draft. The number of team assets (picks/players) being traded must be equal on both sides of the trade.

When a team trades a player during the offseason, they will sacrifice the keeper-value of that player from their draft stock in order to trade them. Although they lose the draft pick, the player traded away does not count towards the team's total number of allowed keepers. A team who acquires a new player may choose to keep that player and will not have to pay the assigned keeper value, but the player will count towards the team's total number of allowed keepers. Trading a player in the offseason does not impact their current or future keeper value.

Just like with in-season trading, there will be a 48 hour window following the completion of a trade in which all other teams are allowed to make counter-offers for any of the assets being traded in the original deal. If the original trade is made less than 48 hours before the start of the league draft, the trade will be finalized as soon as the draft begins.