If a player whose game is on Sunday or Monday is declared inactive before 1:00 PM on Saturday or is on bye and the manager leaves that player in their starting lineup, they will forfeit their 8th round draft pick the following year. If this happens a second time, they will lose their 7th round pick, stacking.

Managers can purchase-back a penalized draft pick for $30 which is paid to the league's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers ($10 each). Picks must be repurchased before Super Bowl Sunday of the same football season in which the pick was lost. If a team loses more than one pick, they will pay $30 per pick to purchase-back. (The $30 buy-back cost will increase proportionally if the league ever votes to increase the season buy-in.)

If the penalized manager resigns their team and a new manager takes over, these penalties will be reversed, returning the lost picks to the new team owner.