2020 Values

Keepers must be declared on YAHOO by 11:59 PM the night before draft day.

Teams are allowed to keep up to 4 players from their previous-year roster or player traded for during the off-season.

Players who were drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds of the fantasy draft cannot be kept.

All players are assigned a keeper value based on where they were drafted and their previous keeper status. If a team does not have a draft pick in the round that a keeper is valued, they must pay a higher-round pick: Value stacks up, not down.

Players who were added as free agents during the season are valued as an 8th-round keeper the following year.

Players are allowed to be kept for 2 consecutive years and then must return to the draft pool. The second year a player is kept, their value doubles and rounds-down, if needed. For example: A player kept in the 8th round then becomes a 4th round for yaer two. A player kept in the 11th round then becomes a 6th for year two. Trading or dropping a player does not reset their keeper status.

The roster's designated IR position can be used to stash a potential keeper player who was on your team before getting injured or used to keep a player who has been designated to return. Any player added from the free agent pool during the season, must play in at least 1 fantasy-active game in order to be a keeper. Teams cannot add players with a season-ending injury and then keep them the following year.