The following are rules in place for the 2020 season due to COVID 19

- If you have a player in your starting lineup who is playing in a later game (Sun @4:00, @8:00, Mon @8:00) and is ruled out due to COVID 19 during pregame testing, the team manager can contact the commissioner to have their highest-scoring bench player who fits in the same roster slot replace the ruled-out player. The player must have been ruled out later than 1:00 PM (according to RotoWorld player updates). The commissioner will also make an adjustment to the team's opponent's roster, subbing in one of their bench players who will improve their overall score the most. Teams who lose a late-game starter because of COVID do not have to take advantage of this rule. It's entirely up to the team manager. Requests for commissioner substitutions must be made by 11:00 PM on Monday night.

- If the NFL season is discontinued at anytime during the fantasy football season (before week 17) then the fantasy season will be void. This means that all 2020 keepers will rollover to the 2021 season and there will not be a champion or cash payouts for the 2020 season.