2023 Draft



2023 draft order

1 Roman
2 Fooch
3 Marston
4 Gavin
5 Ben
6 Mike
7 Jimmy
8 Kob
9 Jim
10 Mark

In-Season Trading

When a trade is made, Ben will send the details of the trade to the host of The Trade Addicts podcast who will make a ruling on the fairness of the trade. If the trade is ruled fair, it will be processed, if it's ruled unfair, it will be reversed.

Once a trade is accepted, there will be a 48-hour window in which the 10 teams who are NOT involved in the trade may privately negotiate with either of the teams in the trade for any of the players included in the trade. If one of the 2 teams involved in the trade agrees to accept an outside offer, which must also be within 10 points, the original trade will be voided, and the new trade will be processed.

If a counter-offer trade is agreed upon between Thursday night kickoff and Monday night football, the new trade will be processed after the end of the week's games. In other words, players may contribute to their new teams during the fantasy week if the timing of the first trade allows.

Off-Season Trading

As soon as the current season ends, teams can trade any number of players from their team and draft picks from the next occuring draft. The number of team assets (picks/players) being traded must be equal on both sides of the trade.

When a team trades a player during the offseason, they will sacrifice the keeper-value of that player from their draft stock in order to trade them. Although they lose the draft pick, the player traded away does not count towards the team's total number of allowed keepers. A team who acquires a new player may choose to keep that player and will not have to pay the assigned keeper value, but the player will count towards the team's total number of allowed keepers. Trading a player in the offseason does not impact their current or future keeper value.

Just like with in-season trading, there will be a 48 hour window following the completion of a trade in which all other teams are allowed to make counter-offers for any of the assets being traded in the original deal. If the original trade is made less than 48 hours before the start of the league draft, the trade will be finalized as soon as the draft begins.

League Prizes

$100 league buy-in paid on Yahoo
First place: $700.00
Second place: $200.00
Third place: $100.00

Roster Positions

QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R, W/R/T, K, DEF


At the start of a season, every team is provided a free agent budget of $100 through Yahoo. Each week, players who are not currently rostered are available to be bid on. Bids are run like a silent auction. Whichever manager offers the most FAAB for the available player will be awarded that player at the conclusion of the fantasy week. Tiebreakers are broken based on waiver priority.


If a player whose game is on Sunday or Monday is declared inactive before 1:00 PM on Saturday or is on bye and the manager leaves that player in their starting lineup, they will forfeit their 8th round draft pick the following year. If this happens a second time, they will lose their 7th round pick, stacking.

Managers can purchase-back a penalized draft pick for $60 which is paid to the league's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers ($10 each). Picks must be repurchased before Super Bowl Sunday of the same football season in which the pick was lost. If a team loses more than one pick, they will pay $60 per pick to purchase-back. (The $60 buy-back cost will increase proportionally if the league ever votes to increase the season buy-in.)
If the penalized manager resigns their team and a new manager takes over, these penalties will be reversed, returning the lost picks to the new team owner.

League Changes

All league changes must be voted on by the league during the offseason - Changes must be approved by more than 50% of the current managers.

Keeper Rules

Keepers must be texted to Ben 24 hours before the draft.

Teams are allowed to keep up to 5 players from their previous-year roster or player traded for during the off-season.

Players who were drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds of the fantasy draft cannot be kept.

All players are assigned a keeper value based on where they were drafted and their previous keeper status. Keeper cost can only be paid for with a team's original draft pick. Picks that have been traded for, can not be used to pay for a keeper cost. If a team does not have their original draft pick in the round that a keeper is valued, they must pay a higher-round pick: Value stacks up, not down.

Undrafted players who were added as free agents during the season are valued as an 8th-round keeper the following year.

Players are allowed to be kept for 2 consecutive years and then must return to the draft pool. The second year a player is kept, their value doubles and rounds-down, if needed. For example: A player kept in the 8th round then becomes a 4th round for year two. A player kept in the 11th round then becomes a 6th for year two. Trading or dropping a player does not reset their keeper status.

The roster's designated IR positions can be used to stash a potential keeper player who was on your team before getting injured or used to keep a player who has been designated to return. Any player added from the free agent pool during the season, must play in at least 1 fantasy-active game in order to be a keeper. Teams cannot add players with a season-ending injury and then keep them the following year.

Franchise Tag

Each team may assign a franchise tag to one player on their team. Only players drafted by that team and retained (not dropped or traded) for the entire season may be tagged. Only players drafted in the 9th round or later the previous season can be tagged. A tagged player can remain tagged for 3 years before returning to the draft pool. Teams can only have one player under the franchise tag at a time. If a team wants to apply their tag to a new player while an existing player is tagged, the existing player will return to the draft pool - they cannot become a keeper. If a team trades or drops a player who is under the franchise tag, they become an 8th round keeper the following year. The number of years having been previously kept stay the same when considering future eligibility. Cost to keep a tagged player:

First Year: Last round pick
Second Year: 8th round pick
Third Year: 2nd round pick

2023 Draft Board

1 C McCaffrey RB SF J Tucker K BAL A Ekeler RB LAC S Barkley RB NYG Bi Robinson RB ATL D Henry RB TEN J Chase WR CIN ++ T Hill WR MIA N Chubb RB CLE T Kelce TE KC
2 M Sanders RB CAR N Harris RB PIT C Kupp WR LAR ++ D Metcalf WR SEA C Lamb WR DAL D Adams WR LV J Waddle WR MIA ++ S Diggs WR BUF J Taylor RB IND A Brown WR PHI
3 D Samuel WR SF D Smith WR PHI ++ M Andrews TE BAL T McLaurin WR WAS J Gibbs RB DET C Akers RB LAR P Mahomes QB KC + T Etienne RB JAX + J Jacobs RB LV + A Jones RB GB
4 C Ridley WR JAC T Higgins WR CIN L Jackson QB BAL + J Hurts QB PHI ++ J Mixon RB CIN K Allen WR LAC A Mattison RB MIN B Hall RB NYJ E Moore WR CLE ++ J Allen QB BUF
5 D Waller TE NYG J Dobbins RB BAL R Stevenson RB NE + D Pierce RB HOU D Moore WR CHI G Kittle TE SF K Pitts TE ATL D Goedert TE PHI C Kirk WR JAX + A Cooper WR CLE +
6 D Swift RB PHI J Cook RB BUF + D London WR ATL T Lockett WR SEA J Conner RB ARI D Hopkins WR TEN + B Aiyuk WR SF J Jeudy WR DEN J Herbert QB LAC M Pittman WR IND
7 A Dillon RB GB C Godwin WR TB R White RB TB T Hockenson TE MIN + C Olave WR NO + A Kamara RB NO D Cook RB NYJ T Tagovailoa QB MIA M Williams WR LAC G Davis WR BUF
8 Z Charbonnet RB SEA K Walker RB SEA + M Evans WR TB Jav Williams RB DEN J Fields QB CHI + A St Brown WR DET ++ M Brown WR ARI $$ J Burrow QB CIN $$ D Montgomery RB DET T Pollard RB DAL $$
9 D Watson QB HOU J Dotson WR WAS
J Addison WR MIN J Smith-Njigba WR SEA Z Flowers WR BAL R Mostert RB MIA C Sutton WR DEN D Johnson WR PIT A Gibson RB WAS B Cooks WR DAL
10 T Higbee TE LAR P Freiermuth TE PIT Q Johnston WR LAC Br Robinson RB WAS + G Pickens WR PIT + K Toney WR KC Jam Williams RB NO E Engram TE JAC T Burks WR TEN J Warren RB PIT
11 A Lazard WR NYJ A Richardson QB IND G Edwards RB BAL O Beckham WR BAL D Kincaid TE BUF M Thomas WR NO S Moore WR KC R Penny RB PHI D Njoku TE CLE K Gainwell RB PHI
12 I Likely TE BAL K Miller RB NO T Bigsby RB JAC T Boyd WR CIN C Watson WR GB + A Rodgers QB NYJ N Collins WR HOU D Prescott QB DAL J Smith-Schuster WR NE D Chark WR CAR +
13 T Thornton WR NE D Harris RB BUF R Bateman WR BAL D Singletary RB HOU D Achane RB MIA J Goff QB DET E Mitchell RB SF J Meyers WR LV E Elliott RB NE J Wilson RB MIA
14 R Doubs WR GB I Pacheco RB KC + D Schultz TE HOU G Smith QB SEA D Vaughn RB DAL H Henry TE NE S Laporta TE DET J McKinnon RB KC D Jones QB NYG I Hodgins WR NYG
15 J Metchie WR HOU J Williams WR DET J Mingo WR CAR G Dulchich TE DEN Eagles DEF 49ers DEF Bills DEF K Herbert RB CHI + V Jefferson WR LAR S Perine RB DEN +
16 Steelers DEF Patriots DEF R Rice WR KC Jets DEF G Wilson WR NYJ $ J Ford RB CLE L Musgrave TE GB C Kmet TE CHI Cowboys DEF D Carr QB NO
17 K Cousins QB MIN J Reed WR GB Broncos DEF $ T Dell WR HOU T Lawrence QB JAX +
M Gallup WR DAL $ R Shaheed WR NO Ravens DEF D Mooney WR CHI J Hyatt WR NYG
+ keeper 1st year Players are kept at the round they were drafted in in 2022. They can be kept again in 2024 for one-half the round rounded down (i.e. a 9th round keeper in 2023 becomes a 5th round in 2024)
++ keeper 2nd year Players are kept at one-half the round they were drafted in in 2021 (i.e. Waddle was a 6th round pick in 2021, a 6th round keeper in 2022, and a 3rd round keeper in 2023). They cannot be kept again in 2024.
$ franchise tag 1st year Players drafted in the 9th round or later in 2022 and were not dropped/traded for the entire 2022 season can be franchise tagged. Tagged players can be kept for a total of 3 seasons costing a 17th, 8th, and 2nd round pick respectively.
$$ franchise tag 2nd year Franchise tagged in 2022 and are in the 2nd year of their tag which costs an 8th round pick. They can be kept for a 3rd season in 2024 at the cost of a 2nd round pick.